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BAERENFELL's concept is simple. We are five friends living in Berlin and we are passionate about art. Since going to an art gallery by yourself is not great fun and starting an art collection on your own is too expensive, we decided to pool our money and explore the art world together.


Our goal is to get to know young artists, understand their ideas & projects and ideally establish a long relationship where both sides benefit. Occasionally, we want to buy a piece (approximately 5-7 per year) and thus create our „collective collection“ over the years. A lottery system (which is indeed an excel sheet) assigns a painting for six months to one of our members. That way, each of us and as many of our friends as possible get to enjoy the art. We wouldn’t mind if one of the pieces turns out to be the 21st century’s Mona Lisa in a couple of years. If that’s the case – to be fully honest – we would consider selling.


But frankly, we don’t think about that too much – this is great fun in any case!

– Kevin, Leonard, Marc, Sebastian & Timo

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