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Robert Westphal & Laurant Wians

"Arbeitstitel" is Robert Westphal's & Laurent Wians' alter ego. The duo met in Berlin in 2016 and started working together in 2017. They use a variety of media to create their abstract art. The "Arbeitstitel" duo understand their work as a continuous process, never really finished; working together allows them to develop their works further and further.


Working together, besides mutual inspiration, for them is also an artistic statement: against "The individual artist as genius" and for more collaboration in the process (without being a complete factory at the same time, of course). The two of them increasingly focus on the process ("the path is the goal") and the craftsmanship of this process of creating art.

As Robert puts it: »At first we had the thought: We want to work together now, without knowing exactly what would come out of it. Over the course of a few months, painting together developed into a process that first became and remained intuitive, abstract painting, communication – a back and forth.«

Works in Baerenfell collection

Robert Westphal & Laurent Wians

film plastico


170 x 100 cm

Acrylic paint, charcoal on stretched canvas

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